Bus Journeys in the city can be slightly nightmarish and are at times not the most fun - overcrowding, frantic driving, heat. During rush hour, buses can get crowded to the point that passengers hang out the door. It may be the cheap option, but we do not recommend it for comfort or convenience. However, it is one way of getting to see a different perspective of life in the city. So, if you are going to try it out, just be warned.

A timetable is not necessary - the buses rarely run on schedule. Buses going down Galle Road from Fort or Pettah include 100, 101, 102 and 400, and can be picked up at the Central Bus Station (Olcott Mawatha in Pettah). Fares vary from Rs.9 to 100, depending on distance.

There are also semi-luxury and luxury buses (privately owned and operated), although they do not run as often. They tend to have the destination sign (in English) in the front window. Generally, they have curtains and soft seats. However, the fare is about twice that of ordinary buses.

Please note : Like in any city, please be aware of where you are and who is around you. Also, please keep a watchful eyes on your valuables. Pickpockets have been known to hang around on the buses.

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