The ‘City of Gems’ is the island’s key source of precious & semi-precious stones such as sapphires, rubies, and cat’s-eyes. In the heart of the town, a local trade street named ‘Saviya Mawata’ is located, wherein the local traders haggle over uncut precious and semi precious gems. Traditional Kandyan-style jewelry shops and more formal gem shops are located in the main town area near the clock tower.

Apart from the gem industry, you can also view the Maha Saman Devale, a shrine dedicated to the God Saman, which is known to be an impressive sight.

Accommodation (basic prices per night)

  • Centauria Tourist Hotel - +94 47 2230514 ($80)
  • Nilani Lodge - +94 45 2222 170 ($30)
  • Bopath Fall Rock Chalets - +94 45 2262 726 ($50)
  • Lake View Lanka Guesthouse - +94 77 8652 102 ($15)

90 km away from Colombo, Ratnapura is located in the Sabaragamuwa district and can be reached by the A4 Highway within roughly 1hr 50 minutes.

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