Taxis (or cabs) are generally a simple, safe and reliable method of transportation. Most taxis are metered, air conditioned and available 24 hours a day. Drivers generally speak English and know how to get to most addresses in Colombo, especially the more popular destinations. If the taxi is not metered, agree on a fare before starting out.

However, you should note that taxis tend to take 10-15 minutes to arrive at your address once they are ordered. Friday and Saturday nights are generally busier than other nights where it may take 30-40 minutes for the taxi to pick you up. So, call and make a booking in advance if you do not want to wait.

We have already compiled a list of taxi operators for you to choose from. So, stick to one or try them all!

Airport Express----------011 555 5050
City Cabs----------------011 268 8688
Kangaroo Cabs---------011- 250 1501
N Cabs------------------01-1 239 4394
Namdo Cabs (GNTC)-----0-11 473 4334
Radiant Cabs------------011 255 6556
Airport Link--------------011 533 6666
Auto City Cabs----------011 280 3500
City Cabs----------------011 255 2222
Colombo Cabs----------011 420 3303
Crown Cabs-------------011 281 9819
Lavanka Cabs------------011 282 1821
Casons------------------011 4405070
 At present Nano cars are commonly used by locals and foreigners due to better price offers, but the car can only  transport  three people as the maximum number. So if you are a small group you could contact the following to hire  a Nano car.

 Nano Cabs ---------- 011 2676767

 Budget Taxi --------- 077 2299 299

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