when to visit

Sri Lanka is a year-round destination, though the most popular season to visit Colombo is from November to April. This peak season is when most tourists visit, most of them from Europe, to escape the winter. Of course, the period between Christmas and New Years can be very busy, with accommodations generally all booked up. Airfares and hotel rates are also generally higher during this season, so make sure you make your bookings well in advance. 

The weather patterns in Sri Lanka mean that it is sunny and ‘beach-worthy’ somewhere on the coast at any time. Travelling off-season has its advantages – you avoid the crowds and airfares and hotel rates drop down significantly. It also doesn’t rain all the time during the off-season! But remember, the weather doesn’t follow strict rules – sometimes it rains when it’s supposed to be sunny, and sunny when it’s supposed to be raining!

Climatically speaking, the driest (and best) seasons in Sri Lanka are from December to March for the west coast, the south coast and the Hill Country, and from April to September for the ancient cities region and the East Coast. 

Navam Perahera Festival is held in the month of February at the Gangarama Temple in Colombio.It is celebrated on the Poya day which falls in February and it is a two day fesitival with elephants, colourful lights along with dancers dancing on th road. July/August is the time of the Kandy Esala Perahera, the 10-day festival honoring the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha, and also the time for the Kataragama festival in the South. In both towns, accommodation just before, during, and immediately after the festivals is very difficult to come by, and rates usually double or triple. 

Out-of-season travel has its advantages – not only are crowds reduced but many air fares and accommodation prices drop right down.

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