independence hall

On February 4th, 1948, Ceylon gained back independence from British rule. The event took place with a formal ceremony held in Torrington Square, which was later renamed Independence Square.

To commemorate the signing, the Independence Memorial Hall, which is also referred to as the Independence Commemoration Hall, was constructed. It was designed after the magul maduwa or celebration hall, which was the forum stylized royal audience hall used by the Kings of Kandy. Standing directly in front of this national monument is the statue of the first Prime Minister of the country, Hon. Don Stephen Senanayake.

At one point, the Hall served as the ceremonial assembly hall of the Senate of Ceylon and the House of Representatives of Ceylon, until the Parliament was moved to the New Parliament Complex. Today, the area is used for many of the annual Independence Day celebrations. In addition, it is an ideal place for a stroll; in the mornings and evenings it is frequented by walkers and joggers who take turns around the structure or in the nearby sports ground. 

It's a venue which provides a perfect photo opportunity, so don't miss it! Now you can also hire bicycles at a cost of Rs.100 per hour. Also it is a lovely place for a morning or a evening walk.

Location :
Independence Avenue
Colombo 7

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