immigration & customs

The immigration and customs process is relatively simple.







Arrival cards may be collected from your flight attendant, or you can pick one up at the counter before immigration. They should be filled in prior to approaching the immigration officer. 

Foreign nationals are eligible to enter Sri Lanka if they hold a passport valid for at least 6 months, a return or onward air ticket, and can show proof of sufficient funds (equivalent to US$30 a day) for the duration of their stay. 


On clearing the immigration desk, you will walk through/pass the duty free shop towards the escalator at the far end of the hall. Take the escalators down to the ground level and proceed to your flight's designated carousel number in order to pick up your luggage (the carousel number will be shown on the television screens at the foot of the escalator). 

Once you have picked up your luggage at the designated flight carousel, you should follow the signs to the red or green customs channel, as appropriate, to exit the arrival hall.

Foreign visitors are permitted a duty free allowance of:

1.5 liters of alcoholic spirits or 2 bottles of wine and 200 cigarettes (one carton).
A small quantity of perfume and travel souvenirs not exceeding US$250 in value.
You may clarify at the Duty Free Shop.

*Please not all plants and fruits must be declared to Customs for quarantine purposes.

*Please note that carrying narcotics and other illegal substances will result in imprisonment and heavy penalties.


On Departure

You are permitted to take back any thing that you have brought in.
Unused Sri Lankan currency over Rs. 250 may be converted back to foreign currency at departure
Not Permitted
Protected flora and fauna
*Warning: Please ensure that you do not carry gift items from people you do not know. 

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